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 We are a family-owned business here in Lewisville. Greg and Jeff,  with a combined 60 yrs in the customer services sectors. We are passionate about providing professional and exceptional work. We value every customer no matter how small the job.


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We install epoxy flooring in the DFW area for residential and commercial settings. Epoxy is a high-quality and affordable flooring solution that can be understated or over the top. Because it’s applied as a liquid, epoxy has endless possibilities for transforming your space.

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Your tile flooring representatives in Lewisville are experts in tile design. Tile Flooring is dynamic in any home. Its unique character, texture and nature-made material add energy, excitement, and enchantment to any room.


Do you have concrete with unsightly cracks and stains ? Epoxy is a great choice for a fresh look to bring your floor alive . We do grinding and patching for whatever you are looking to do .

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How Durable Is An Epoxy Floor?
Epoxy flooring offers unrivaled durability with resistance to stains, spills, and chemicals. Epoxy can resist almost anything from cleaners and bleach to oil and gas. This is why epoxy is widespread in the auto industry. It’s also water- and heat-resistant. Compared to the typical concrete floor,or garage floor.
What Are The Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring?

There are plenty of reasons to consider epoxy. An epoxy floor coating can make your concrete floor durable, waterproof, and attractive. Epoxy requires very little maintenance and creates a gorgeous high-gloss floor. When properly applied, it can last years and remain immune to gas, oil, water, and other spills. It can also be easily rolled onto properly prepared concrete without glue or mortar.

How Long Will My Epoxy Last?
One of the biggest benefits of epoxy is it can easily last decades. How long your system will last depends on the application, though. When used in the home or garage, epoxy should last at least 10 years or longer. Industrial and commercial epoxy floor coating can last 5 to 10 years with proper care.
There are several factors that determine the lifespan of your flooring. Epoxy floor installation should be done professionally for the best results and longest life. Foot and vehicle traffic can also affect your floor. If the epoxy flooring is subjected to frequent traffic or has heavy objects moved on it, it will develop scratches and a loss of sheen. Maintaining your floor can also extend its life.
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